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LaoShi Tales                                                                   Small monthly class addressing topics of health.                                                 (these are recordings of in-person classes--when the technology works)

Managing Post-COVID-19 symptoms with Chinese Medicine.  COVID-19 is becoming a disease that just keeps on taking. Even after recovery from the acute condition, many people (around 30%) suffer disabling symptoms that are stretching beyond the expected 4 week recovery period. Even those with asymptomatic disease can display symptoms of long-term problems (19%).
How can Chinese medicine and acupuncture help with these chronic conditions even though the disease has only been identified for less than 2 years? Find out.

Treating Lung Issues with Local Herbs. Many medicinal herbs that address lung problems are growing right in your yard, lawn, and garden. And many of these herbs are also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas. Dr. Ann will show you the ones growing in her own yard and discuss the uses of these herbs for lung disorders.

Pain Relief with Chinese Medicine.  Pain is the #1 reason people seek medical attention. Providing relief is just the beginning of treating the condition. Chinese Medicine not only seeks to relieve the pain but also to lessen or heal the cause of the pain, whether acute or chronic. (Technology is not my highest priority so it took two videos to record this topic.) Handouts

Trouble Sleeping? How Chinese medicine treats insomnia.  Sleep is imperative to good health. Lack of rejuvenating sleep can lead to poor health and diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, and cancer. Contrast the different approach to solving this malady between Eastern and Western medicine.  (P.S. I managed to get this to run thru. Just ignore the instructions given to advance each slide.)   Handouts



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